Who I Am

I recently applied for a job that seems to be right up my alley. In order to make the 1st interview I had to take a personality test. I was like, “Sure!” I would rather know right off the bat that I was or was not qualified for the job. I also find personality tests to be interesting. I have taken several of them.

This test was quite in-depth. I liked that it didn’t just ask black and white questions. It asked me what would your answer be in a perfect world? What would your real answer be? questions. I loved that. I mean, many times I know what I would like to do but then I have to do something different. I live in a very imperfect world. Would you ever lie? In a perfect world, no. In the real world, yes. There were tons of questions! I was like, “Oh shit! Is this going to say I am a sociopath?” It didn’t. (Thank you for caring if I am or not by the way!)

So what did it say I am? I am a strong-willed woman with values that finds money and power irrelevant in life. I am not motivated by that crap. I am motivated by doing a good job. I also am someone who doesn’t like bullshit. If I find someone in my life has lied or betrayed me, I lose respect. I also don’t take criticism well. According to the test, I blow criticism off. I wondered about that. Do I? Sometimes. It depends on how it is presented. I like doing a good job and like to discuss options, but I am not keen on being spoken to disrespectfully. According to the test results, I am supervisory/managerial material. I am not a salesperson. I care too much about how people feel about things to want to sell something they don’t need.

How accurate was this test? Pretty damn accurate. It was a little scary. I was like, “Damn! They’re in my head!” But I was terribly impressed. It allowed me to see my flaws in a very clinical way. No, I don’t like criticism. I have had it presented negatively before and it caused me to feel negative about it. I also have been lied to and betrayed and find that to be reprehensible. I don’t allow those people to hold any place in my life of esteem. I find them to be trash.



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