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Thank you, Elizabeth

Thank you, Elizabeth Warren! You showed what egotistical men we have in the Senate. You persisted. You spoke. You raised awareness. I was appalled that you were basically told to sit down and shut up but Bernie Sanders was allowed to read the same thing you were reading. I was proud that Bernie spoke up for you. He saw the unfairness of the situation. Thankfully!

Whether anyone agreed with what you were saying or not, they should look at the whole situation. A female was told she couldn’t malign another sitting Senator who was nominated for the AG position. But it was perfectly fine that a male Senator did it. Where is the logic in this? It’s ok for a male to talk shit about someone but not a female? I think that is sexism. I also think that is WRONG!

My fellow Americans, even if you do like Trump, this type of behavior is not acceptable. When you start saying it is ok for a male to do something but not a female, you are basically saying men are better. They are NOT! Equal rights and all that business.

This has nothing to do with being a Republican or a Democrat or anything else. This is being a human.

Thank you, Elizabeth! You made history. Thank you, as well, Bernie! You also made history.


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