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Heartbroken American Female

I am a heartbroken American female. I am angry. I am frustrated. I am so many indescribable things. I feel like there is a dictator holding my country hostage and I am so angry. People voted for this tyrant! My fellow Americans did this heinous act to our country! They did it on purpose! What the hell is wrong with these people? Did they not see what kind of person he was? Did they not care?

I am a Christian woman but I knew who and what this man was years ago. He recently claims to be a Christian. It’s laughable. Christianity isn’t based on treating other humans like crap. It isn’t based on being unkind. It isn’t based on mocking others. It isn’t based on any of that! And for all of these people who think this man represents Christian values, what the hell kind of values do YOU have? It scares me. When you thump a bible at someone, maybe you should open it instead of thumping it! I swear I have wondered if this man is the anti-Christ.

The things I am seeing are so parallel to what Hitler did that it is scary. He’s divided our nation. “Make America Great Again” Guess what, Trump! America has always been great! Every country has issues, but we have always come through and we step up! Maybe you’re un-American because you don’t believe in this country like so many of us do! I believe in my country! I love my country! I love my fellow citizens! Do we need changes? Of course, but not the ones you’re making. You’re dividing us and creating chaos. You’re too full of yourself and worried about the size of things. Napoleon complex? I think so! It takes a leader who is concerned more about the good of the people rather than him/her-self to be an effective and good leader. You are not that person. You talk to hear your own voice, which, by the way is annoying as all get out!

My fellow Americans, I beg you to see what this man is doing to our country. He doesn’t care about you or me. He only cares about himself and money. He is Hitler incarnate. Please don’t fall for this crap. Please see that he is dividing the nation that I know that Americans love. Please don’t let the world think we are weak. Our ancestors fought hard for us to be here. Let’s make them proud. Be patriots. We are Americans. God bless the USA! I love you, America.


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Christmas Question

While I know there are people who don’t believe in what Christians do regarding Christmas, I don’t get why they celebrate a religious holiday they don’t believe in. They say things such as, “Merry Christmas!” They want to get Christmas presents. I get that people want presents. I would like them daily, if possible, but I know that isn’t happening. I don’t comment on religious holidays/events I don’t participate in. So why do atheists or agnostics want to jump on the Christmas bandwagon?

I don’t want to get into the whole debate of winter solstice or any of that. I’m talking about people who make it a point to say things like, “Merry Christmas.” From what I know, for Christians Christmas is a celebration of Christ’s birth. They believe Jesus is Christ. Merry is a synonym for happy. So essentially when an atheist or agnostic says “Merry Christmas” they are saying “Happy Birthday, Jesus!”

I guess my point is stand by your convictions. Say what you mean and mean what you say. If you really are celebrating CHRISTmas, then do it. If you aren’t, don’t. But don’t commercialize a holiday that is already maxed out on commercialization all because you want presents.

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Saying Goodbye

My life has been full of goodbyes. It seems like most of the people I loved left or were taken. I built walls around myself. There is a family that broke through those walls, though, and loved me for who I am and despite who I am. Because I lost my parents in my mid-20s, I needed that love.

Now 17 years later I am forced to begin saying goodbye again. Losing my biological parents nearly destroyed me. Losing my adopted mother has my heart bursting with pain. She is so frail and weak. I love that woman beyond measure. I hate this. I know we can’t live forever, but she deserves more time. I need more time with her.

She is the person who gave me hope again that people are good. She laughed at my irreverence and nurtured my relationship with God. She understood the pain I have gone through and provided comfort when I thought nothing would ever be right.

Tonight I saw her lying in that hospital bed so frail and weak. I just wanted to climb in the bed and hold her and tell her how much she means to me. I didn’t want to upset her by talking about death, though. So we talked about my crazy life and how I thought about sneaking one of the cats in to see her. I made her smile. She made me smile. I told her how much I love her. But it didn’t feel like enough. Is it ever enough? I love her. I hate that she’s leaving me and the rest of her family.

She has been such a strong and loving example. She is honestly one of the best women I have ever known in my life. She has always been slow to admonish and quick to hug.

I don’t like this feeling. But I love her and I don’t want her to suffer.


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