Did I really work today?

Today I went in to work with the best of intentions to get so much work done. I had plans! I had many things to accomplish. That went to hell in a hand basket within an hour. It was as if someone picked up my list and lit it on fire and laughed in my face.

We have an employee who is usually a manual labor employee who is on light duty right now. Great. I feel sorry for the situation and am trying to find work for this person. My boss keeps popping into my office every few minutes, “Do you have anything for them to do? BTW, your office is a mess!?” I looked up from my 6 stacks of to-do things and in a completely dead-pan voice replied, “Yes, it’s a mess and I am trying to get to it but I keep getting interrupted. And I need to finish these emails and then I can find something for them.” She didn’t get my hint that I was referring to her interruptions and continued with, “Well I need something NOW!” She then ran out of my office in what I recall the way the Tasmanian Devil did in the cartoons. It wasn’t funny, though. At all.

I finally said I was at lunch and shut my door and turned the lights down. I was secretly working on some stuff just to get it done. Guess who came in! Surprise!!!!!! “Why are you working on that? You’re supposed to be at lunch!” It was soooo tempting to ask, “Then why are you in my office?????” I didn’t, though. I told her I needed to get it off my desk so I could focus on lunch.

The craziness went on all day long. I mean all day. I was also dragged out to do work that other employees should be doing. Then the boss argues with me about how it needs to be done. Later, though, she tells me how she couldn’t have done it without me. I didn’t say, “Oh that’s ok!” I really wasn’t in the mood.

It amazes me that managers insult you like crazy and then act like all is fine. I was so angry. I felt like I had a day with an abusive boyfriend or something.

So today I pretty much did my job about 15% of the day and other people’s stuff as well as spinning in circles for 85% of the rest of the day. I think tomorrow I have about 20 emails from today to handle. I also have to finish coding several bills for accounts payable. I also have to find more stuff for the injured employee. Lord help me!





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