I Have The Answer!

I have the answer to the boyfriend question! Yes, I have a boyfriend!!!!! He came over tonight and we were talking. I told him I thought that I was going to take my profile down off the dating site we had both used. He looked at me and asked, “Really? I think that is a good idea. I’m taking mine down, too.” I asked, “Really?” He said, “Yeah. So maybe we should consider being exclusive. What do you think?” I smiled at him as I said, “I like that idea.”

We both grinned at each other like love-sick teens and then he kissed me. After the kiss I asked, “So does this mean you’re my boyfriend?!?!?!?!” He laughed and asked, “Do we have to put a label on it?” I said in a very matter-of-fact tone, “YES!” He laughed again and said, “Then yes! I’m your boyfriend.”

We were going to watch a movie tonight but we ended up talking most of the night. It was nice to just be able to talk. We both said how nice it was that we can just talk. He said that he liked that being with me didn’t seem like work and that other relationships in the past seemed so complicated. We just click. We are just who we are with no pretenses. He just gets me and vice versa.

I like having a boyfriend who hits the checklist. He makes me smile.


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