Update on Alabama

So, he still makes me laugh. But he makes me want to knock him in the head, too. I suppose that is normal? As you get to know people you learn more, you learn their quirks. One of his is about vulnerability. Once he shows an ounce of vulnerability, he withdraws. It is frustrating. I really want to kick this man in the head. Last night we were talking and doing quite well. Then he admits he is falling for me and it scares him. And I had the appropriate butterflies. Next thing I know, he is off the grid. I’m like “you asshole!” I didn’t say that to him. It’s pointless. I kinda get it but it pisses me off, too. I retreat when I get uncomfortable. But he is telling me in one breath we are great and things are going to be wonderful and all this other jazz and then he runs like a scared kid. I’m not going to chase him. I’m going to wait him out. Bad thing for him is I’m a Capricorn, too, and I am as stubborn as him. I can wait. I got shit to do today. Will I wonder? Yep. Will I push those buttons on that phone? Nope. Will he? Eventually.


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