Cultural Controversy

So it seems that Rachel Dolezal is genetically white but identifies as black. I honestly understand that it can be offensive to some people who have struggled for equality. I get that. I think we all struggle, though. What I don’t get is why she can’t fight for people who are struggling without making it a racial issue. Struggles are PEOPLE ISSUES. They’re about being human. I don’t have to be white, black, brown, red or yellow to have issues. For the record, I am white, although I doubt it’s close to lily white. And I have struggled. Frankly, it’s a wonder I have survived as long as I have. But I’m not trying to pretend to be something I am not in order to fight the good fight. I am just who I am.

Rachel, I believe Dr. Suess summed it up well when he wrote:

youer than you

Don’t define anyone by the color of their skin. That is part of who they are but it doesn’t make the whole of a person. Define a person by their soul.


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