It’s All About Attitude!

Isn’t it amazing how when presented with information that a positive attitude makes things so much better? If I am told the same thing by 2 people and one had a good attitude and one was negative, I am going to prefer what the good attitude person said better. It doesn’t matter if it is about something good or bad, the good attitude is usually going to win.

Yesterday was the beginning of my new job. We were inundated with information. I literally came home with a headache and fell asleep for an hour. While some of it was tedious information that I needed to know, the people presenting it were happy with their jobs and in life in general. I am by no means Miz Mary Sunshine. In fact, they usually annoy me if it is overkill. These were just nice people who weren’t over the top. It was kind of amazing.

Another amazing thing was that the new place has all these different employee programs/benefits we can start using right away! It meant a lot to me that these people don’t hate their jobs or the people they work with enough to spend their precious personal time together! While that may not sound like a big deal to anyone else, I am coming from an environment where we couldn’t wait to escape each other and the location. Spending additional time together was like torture. Seeing people who like each other and like to do activities is really inspiring. (My younger self might not have thought so, but my older self sees the value in this.)

Yesterday had a profound effect on me. I really see how a good attitude can be so beneficial.


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