Good & Worried

I got the job! They are checking my references, which are spotless. They’re doing a background check. Since I am mostly well behaved, that is fine. They said if everything comes back good, then it is mine. So they haven’t TOLD me yet if it has. I need to turn in my notice. I’m not throwing out my job in hell until I know without any doubt that this is mine! So I worry.

But I am excited, too! It’s with a LARGE organization. I’ll be an office assistant, but I won’t be just sitting in an office! I’ll get to travel 1 day a week, using a company vehicle to other locations. I’ll get to run to other buildings and take care of making sure that the facility is maintained. I will have STEADY work hours. I’ll have better benefits that are cheaper.

I am thankful. And worried. 🙂


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