Should I Dare?

I have hope and I wonder if I should dare to do that. Is it tempting fate? Is it a way to get hurt? I don’t know. As some of you know, I have been on the quest for new employment. I had an interview last week and it went really well. I got a call that I missed (because I was asleep from working all night the previous evening) saying that they were calling to discuss my recent interview. I called back but she was already gone. I have been anxious and hopeful all weekend. Most rejections are in the form of ignoring the interviewee after the fact, an email or a form letter. This was a real call! A bona fide cheery call. I’ve been replaying the voicemail and listening for a trace of negativity in it. There was none. I have analyzed the words until I’m sick of myself and my crazy brain that wants to know the what-ifs of everything.

It is now after 4am on what is now Monday morning. I feel like a kid waiting on Santa Claus. I am hoping there isn’t a bag of switches or a lump of coal waiting on me. I’m hoping to hear, “Anonymous, you have a job with a great organization and we want you to start immediately!”

Say a prayer. Think a good thought. I’m about to jump out of my skin!


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