Holiday haze

The theme of the week has been to survive the holidays. At work the boss asked if we wanted to do secret Santa. We said yes. Then a couple of coworkers mentioned dirty Santa. She asked my thoughts and I was honest. Mistake. I told her that it’s impossible to get us all together because our office works in shifts. I also brought up the fact that they’re drama queens and somebody will be pissed off. She asked me to poll my shift. They all said no to dirty Santa. Boss then told me that was only half of employees so we would have to ask others. I think this is bad thing because we already have an us and them mentality. Great idea for Christmas. Ugh!

This weekend was extremely emotional for me. I watched sappy stuff and cried most of the weekend. Stupid mistake. Lesson learned. Try to stay away from sap on weekend of full moon!

Night and Day were the highlight of the weekend. They were kind of silly at times. They were sensitive to my tears. They love me.

Hope you are surviving the holidays!


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