Holidays aren’t always so happy

This time of year you hear so many people talking about how happy they are that the holidays are here. For a lot of people, though, holidays aren’t happy. Some people just don’t have that wonderful family to celebrate with. I know for me, personally, that I find holidays to be painful at times. I usually spend mine working or alone. (Thank God for Night and Day!)

This year I am really thinking about my family. My adopted mother passed after a long battle with cancer. She left a large family who will miss her terribly this year as well as a community that she loved to serve. It’s painful knowing she isn’t here. My cousin died and left a hole in his family’s hearts but in the hearts of many others as well.

If you know of someone who is possibly hurting, try to be understanding and compassionate. While you may be blessed with a happy family or whatever, there are some who aren’t. And while they don’t wish you ill will, they don’t necessarily want to hear about the constant cheer you’re experiencing. If you want to include them in your plans, ask. Sometimes they’ll want to join. Sometimes they won’t. I know for me that I can handle Thanksgiving with others at times, but I can’t handle Christmas with others. That is one that is just way too much to me.


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