And Then There Is Karma

Just when I thought karma was a joke, it happened. I walked into work today after several days off and lo and behold! The troublemaker who had been trying to stir up trouble for me and be a smart ass was fired. I know that Satan did some questioning of others because she didn’t believe me when I said certain people were starting trouble. Turns out that the truth did come out. I guess she realized she better go ahead and get rid of the trouble before it got worse.

Satan saw me today and didn’t say a word. She didn’t acknowledge me or anything. I feel like after she called me a liar that she owes me an apology. That’s something I won’t get. But it sure was nice to know that she finally realized I was right since she was so adamant that I was in the wrong.

Thanks, Karma, for letting me see it happen!


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Filed under Work/Employment/Necessary Evil

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