Ebay Can Be An Addiction

Yes, it can be an addiction. I’m not there yet but I could well be. I have needed some things for quite some time. With fall here, I realized I was going to be cold pretty soon if I didn’t get some clothes. I looked at prices in stores and realized I was going to be wearing the same thing daily if I didn’t come up with another plan. Ebay became that plan. So far this week I ordered a cute pair of ankle boots that look warm and a lightweight layering jacket. I have a bid in on a sweater and 3 more sweaters on my watch list. I have only spent $40 so far and planned to spend less than $120. That was until I found a beautiful pair of Clarks boots. Clarks for under $40? Hell yeah! They’re now on the watch list, too.

It’s funny how I usually don’t want much. Just a little something here and there is nice. But after a long stretch of not shopping for myself this has been fun. I just want to get a lot of different things. I can’t. But it sure is fun. I am trying to be careful, though, because as I stated previously, Ebay can be an addiction. And I hate when they say that you “won” an auction. You didn’t win anything. You were willing to spend the most. Big difference.


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