Drive Thru Tipping

I went to pick up an order at a drive-thru the other day and they had a jar that said, “Tips Welcome” sitting at the window. This baffled me. I know in the restaurant industry that many waitresses and waiters get paid a small wage and are compensated in tips (which I think is kinda bizzare and unfair at times). But this was a drive-thru window. I called my order in ahead of time and pulled up to the window and gave my name and paid. The person who brought me my food didn’t allow me to eat it at the drive-thru and check up on me and bring me drinks or napkins. I just left with my food and went home. What exactly am I supposed to be tipping them for? I don’t get tipped when I answer the phone on my job. It’s part of my job. I do it and I get paid.

Don’t get me wrong, I tip well at restaurants and when I get delivery because there is effort put into getting my food to me. But at a drive-thru, I made the effort to go get the food. I just don’t think tipping them for my effort is necessary.

Do y’all tip at drive-thrus?



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2 responses to “Drive Thru Tipping

  1. I don’t tip at drive throughs. I agree with you that they are just doing a part of their job and not making a particular effort to ensure that I get or enjoy my food, so what should they be tipped for?

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