Does Size Matter?

I’m talking about cell phones. Are you old enough to remember the first cell phones? They were huge, clunky and cumbersome. But man, were they cutting edge technology! We could talk as we drove! Wow! Then the craze was to shrink those babies down to a manageable size. As time has gone on, we have had all kinds of different shapes and sizes of cell phones. It’s been interesting. I have had a flip phone, a dumb phone and a smart phone.

Recently I was watching a commercial for the new IPhones and saw them promoting the “larger” phone. I laughed to myself because I have watched the evolution of the cell phone. Instead of promoting how compact the phones are and easy to carry, they are now promoting how you can watch tv and movies on your phone on a bigger screen. It is funny how times change. We wanted it smaller and now we want it bigger. Bigger is better, right? In most cases, yes.

So I thought I would just throw this observation out there because it was on my mind. I saw the humor and irony in the whole thing. Maybe you will, too. Have a great one!


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