My Cat Needs Therapy

Day has been acting very odd lately. She has always been a little OCD with licking herself. She likes to also lick my arm quite a bit, too. It drives me nuts. It is annoying and also painful. I have had to wear long sleeves lately just to keep her under control.

Then there has been the weird locations she has beckoned me from lately. I was in the living room and I kept hearing this very loud meow that sounded like it was echoing and wondered where she was. I looked around and couldn’t find her. Finally I walked past the bathroom and there she was! She was standing on the toilet. I had left the top lid up and she was basically straddling it. I asked was she potty training and she ignored me. This is just one of her unusual spots. I frequently find her on top of the old TV I have in the bedroom. (No, I don’t have a flat screen. I’m old school.) She thinks it’s a wonderful lounging spot. I think it’s a crazy location for a cat to be.

She also has an obsession with the closet. For the last week she has been trying to get into the closet. I have the doors closed and she will dig at the floor attempting to open the doors. The other night it was so aggravating and noisy that I finally got up and opened the doors just to shut her up.

Day also has this way of waking me up. No gentle nudges from her. No! She weighs near 20 lbs and will launch herself full force on top of me as I am sleeping. It’s a not-so-nice way to get the heart working first thing. No aerobics necessary!

All in all I love this crazy cat. I just wished she wasn’t quite so odd at times. Then again it’s part of her charm. She’s quirky and whimsical and happy-go-lucky.


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