A Funny Thing Happened At Work

So I talk about work being Hell all the time. It still is, as usual. I am now at the point where I don’t freak. I drink lots of caffeine, cuss under my breath constantly and cope. Occasionally I take half of a happy pill and cope a little better.

The other day Satan was reviewing some things and said, “Anonymous, did you realize you still have vacation time to use?” I said, “Yes.” Satan said, “You have to use it before the holidays or you’ll lose them.” I glibly replied, “I have requests in.” Satan proceeded to freak out.

I have put in pretty much for the next month off at random times. They’re not the easiest times of the month. I had to put off taking time off because I had to wait for there to be some stability. Supposedly there is stability now. So my requests are in.

While a part of me is quite gleeful about my plans, I do also feel a little guilt. I knew exactly what I was doing when I requested the time off. One of the days I did kind of spring on them and it came out of the blue. It wasn’t strategic to harm the workplace. It was strategic to allow the maximum days off where I am not on call so that I can enjoy my time. The realistic part of me sees that as just being human. The part of me that is a workaholic is like “well, they might need you…”

My question to anyone reading this, would you feel guilty?


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One response to “A Funny Thing Happened At Work

  1. I would absolutely not feel bad. Not after all you’ve beenn through.

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