Sometimes Being A Woman Sucks

I remember getting my first period at age thirteen. It was scary and exciting. I was a woman! Boy was I naive. Really naive.

Throughout the years there has been frustration over painful periods, no periods, pregnancy scares, PCOS and period fluctuations. I’m at a point where I’ve noticed changes gradually. It’s scarier than beginning my period. I’m not upset that I’m possibly at the beginning of the end of my season of fertility. I gave up on having kids years ago. What I’m scared of is hot flashes, mood swings and the unpredictability of it all.

Most women have their mothers to ask about this. My mother died 17 years ago. My self-adopted mother just passed away. I do have some aunts I can ask but it feels weird. I have felt alone so many times and this is another one of those times. Menopause isn’t funny or comfortable.

I have to go for that yearly visit to confirm my suspicion of perimenopause or full fledged menopause. Men, be glad you’re not a woman.



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6 responses to “Sometimes Being A Woman Sucks

  1. Sometimes, being a man sucks too.. 🙂

  2. RVT

    It doesn’t matter who we are…we have to do what good we can…

  3. PCOS really sucks . I was diagnosed with it in March this year. It was the most scary moment of my life. 😦
    I have to keep a strict control on my sugar consumption (actually zero refined sugar) and have to work out a lot (yet I lose no weight, thanks to insulin resistance). Sometimes, the cravings just get to me.

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