Television portrayals of women

Now that it’s fall the reruns are over. For that I’m grateful. I have missed some shows. One I love is The Mindy Project. I love Mindy’s quirky personality and love of Nora Ephron. I watched the first episode and loved it until a point. What point? When Mindy and Danny were angry at each other and then Danny said, “Get your fat ass in there!” I had to rewind and make sure I heard correctly. I did. As much as I love that show, that pissed me off. The characters are educated people and he spoke to her in such a derogatory manner. If they’d changed the wording to, “Get your ass in there!” That would have been MUCH better. Yes, we say things in anger, but that basically said it’s OK to verbally abuse a woman.

Another show I caught an episode of was New Girl. I was not impressed. The first episode of the new season was all about getting the main character laid. Now that’s a great concept, right?  I don’t think so. Yes, most people are looking for sex, but promoting sex like that is exactly how teens get pregnant and could end up with a deadly STD.

I know that television is supposed to be entertaining. I also think there should be some social responsibility. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I don’t think I’m the only one. I don’t think all sex on TV is wrong but I think it shouldn’t be there just because.


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