Something Positive

I wanted to let y’all know of something positive going on.  As some of you know, I have been searching for a new job hot and heavy. I have had two interviews with the company that did the personality assessment. The owner of the company called me Monday and wanted an interview. He said it would be the final interview. I was told in the second interview that if I passed muster that I would be interviewed by the owner. I guess I passed. It took a little time for me to call him back but I explained that there was a death in the family. He was very sympathetic. (BTW, my current boss didn’t say shit about being sorry for my loss. That says a lot.) He asked when a good time for me to come in would be considering memorial service and all. I asked if Tuesday would be good for him. He said yes that he could see me Tuesday morning.

I have a shot to get out of hell! I’m excited. My adopted Mama had been telling me that I needed to get away from my current job for a long time. I have been trying extremely hard for nine months. I need out desperately. This weekend was proof that I need to go. I was not on call. I was forced to work very late Friday night because the girl on call wouldn’t come in. The boss upheld her not coming in by saying I should have taken a nap and then worked the whole damn thing. I had told them I was going to hospice on Saturday and they didn’t care. I also got a text basically saying I had to work Saturday. I called in and spoke with another supervisor and found out that she really needed help. She wasn’t asking but I could tell if I didn’t go for a couple of hours that things were going to fall apart. I worked 2.5 hours and left quickly.

I also notified the print media guy that I couldn’t consider working for him for less than a specific amount. Without insurance included in the benefits, I must have more money or I won’t break even. He asked me to call Tuesday afternoon. I will call…after my other interview.



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2 responses to “Something Positive

  1. I am so excited for you. Does the job that did the personality test offer benefits? If so, that sounds like a winner! Please keep us updated. 🙂

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