Differences In Men & Women

Yes, we all know men and women have differences. But have you ever noticed how they handle conflict differently? Most men will acknowledge the issue, tell the offending party to STFU and move on. Women do not do this. They gossip, backstab and then either argue and continue with it or keep talking behind their backs.

I am different from most women. If I have a problem, I typically just handle it like a man. I confront the person and try to hash it out and move on. This doesn’t always work. Most women want to keep a fight going and count offenses. I like to be over and done with it. I have enough issues, problems, etc to deal with and don’t need additional bullshit in my life.

While I don’t think men always truly resolve issues, I think their method of handling conflict is better sometimes. I don’t want to constantly be fighting about something that happened a long time ago. Good thing this blog is anonymous. I wouldn’t want some of the men in my life knowing I do agree with their conflict resolution. 🙂


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