Reality TV

I am old enough to remember the first reality TV show ever. The Real World. Do you remember it? Seven strangers picked to live in a loft… it was real. MTV was ingenious. Things have certainly changed since that adventure in New York.

I’ll admit I do still watch some reality tv. I admit some things are interesting. The thing is that some of these shows are so scripted and fake. People don’t seem to have morals and are fame whores.

What has happened? I don’t get this need for public attention and notoriety. It’s one thing to hold a position or job where you’re in the limelight. But when you act trashy and like a fool to get a picture in a magazine or something, there’s definitely a problem.

I don’t like drama in my life. I don’t understand enjoying that lifestyle. Am I crazy? How many of you would want to live that way?



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2 responses to “Reality TV

  1. I would never want to live like that, acting trashy just for 2 minutes of fame, and that too, earned from throwing my self respect down the way. I am ready to work hard to earn it.

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