I Want To Be A Turtle

Why you may ask? Because when a turtle feels vulnerable they can withdraw to the false security of their shell. They can pretend they are in their own world.

Today I got my feelings hurt. I know I shouldn’t be bothered by it, but I was. I know I have talked about work and all but I thought I had a couple of friends there. So one that I had been becoming closer to (I thought) had posted something on Facebook that was a rant that I knew people at work would have a field day with. She has some people from work who don’t really like her on her Facebook. I know they don’t; she knows they don’t. So what she posted the other day was kinda bad. It wasn’t like terrible info, but it was something that I could see them using against her. She has actually used something from one of their posts and told the boss about it. It ended up being a big to-do. So I was trying to protect her when I told her that they would figure out what she was talking about and use it. She was like, “No, they won’t!” So I was like, “Ok. Just be careful.” Next thing I know I checked my Facebook tonight and she had unfriended me. I was like what the fuck?!

I was being a friend and trying to help her and she just dissed me like that? It hurt my feelings and mildly pissed me off. Then I got to thinking about it. If she would turn on someone else, she might use something I say against me so maybe it was a blessing in disguise. While I was hurt because it has been hard maintaining friends working like I do, I would rather have real friends than people who react so off-the-cuff and without thought. I dread when we have to work together again because it will be a little awkward. But I will just pretend nothing is wrong and she will be relegated to the “work acquaintance” status.

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